Embracing CBD in the Fitness and Wellness Industry

Embracing CBD in the Fitness and Wellness Industry

The entry of Cannabidiol (CBD) into the fitness market has been met with mixed reactions. Many brands in the US have endorsed it as a great addition to the enhancement of workout routines, giving it a positive appeal. CBD related brands offer a wide variety of options for users with the most common ones being smokeless consumption and other innovative methods. However, there are still some reservations towards CBD that need to be addressed for it to gain nationwide appeal.

CBD is part of the cannabis family and reportedly has fewer adverse effects on one’s appetite, coordination, or short-term memory. For this reason, many athletes and professionals in the fitness and wellness market testify of the positive impact it has had on their workout routines. The oil is legally available in the US and can be purchased online or at local stores.

Testimonies of the first-hand experience of using CBD for post-workout relief have been positive with many users finding it better to use than conventional relief options. Lorilynn McCrorrister, a coach, is one such user who has used the cannabis product in isolate form for over two years and recommends it to fitness enthusiasts. She adds it to coffee and smoothies to get relief after a workout session.

Personal trainers like Omar Arvizu also credits Cannabidiol with helping in the management of energy drops, bouts of anxiety, and insomnia. High-level athletes can also use the oil to help manage stress, meditation, recovery, or mindset issues that are associated with sportspeople. However, it should not be used by athletes when the dates of the competition are close as it may result in underperformance, says Mr. Arzivu.

The acceptance of Cannabidiol by the World Anti-Doping Agency as an all-inclusive sports medicine has opened it up to use by more people, but education on the same is still needed. Fortunately, manufacturers of fitness products are also doing their best to launch products such as cannabis-infused water that can be used during workouts without raising eyebrows. The water directly goes into the bloodstream, allowing users to enjoy the positive effects of CBD in their body.

Finally, according to MS McCorrister, the demand for CBD by those in the fitness and wellness market is on the rise. However, users of the oil may still find it hard to request for it, but with more information, they can confidently try it out thus reducing stigma.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash