NHL Trainer Andy O'Brien named Sport Science Advisor for CaniBrands

NHL Trainer Andy O'Brien named Sport Science Advisor for CaniBrands

CaniBrands, the Canadian CBD company entering cannabis and hemp markets across the USA, has selected star NHL trainer Andy O'Brien as its Sport Science Advisor. O'Brien, the Director of Sport Science & Performance for the Pittsburgh Penguins, has worked with countless Olympic and world-class athletes, and will be taking on an advisory role with CaniBrands.

Providing sport science insights into hemp-based CBD product development, O'Brien will ensure the CaniBrands line can properly support the physical and mental performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. He has been researching and applying CBD's potential for long-term pain and sleep management, along with general wellness, to a new suite of products CaniBrands will be rolling out this spring.

The product line will be available through e-commerce, encompassing oils, creams, balms, sprays and vape cartridges, and specially developed for certain experiences and outcomes. These include improved energy and focus, faster recovery times, improved sleep and more.

CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that is used for a variety of mental and physical conditions, is becoming more and more prominent among athletes to help support their performance and well-being. O'Brien believes it to be a healthier long-term solution than traditional pain medication, many of which fall into the addictive opiate family.

What's more, the body's Endocannabinoid System helps support many natural processes and other systems within the body. Because of this, CBD oil comes with a wide variety of benefits, and O'Brien believes the best way to address an individual's health, wellbeing and performance is by taking a holistic approach.

With an impressive background advising professional NHL athletes, Andy O'Brien dives deep into the science behind health and wellness. Chris Lord, the Chief Executive Officer for CaniBrands, is "thrilled to have his insight" as the company continues to develop CBD-infused products aimed at boosting energy and helping manage pain and anxiety.