Types of Cannabis Oil

Types of Cannabis Oil

Hemp Oil

It is made by cold-pressing the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It's also known as Hemp Seed Oil. Its production is regulated and tested for THC, though cbd oil content is not. Most likely, it may contain small quantities from the cannabis plant.

Industrial Hemp Oil

Industrial hemp oil comes from the Cannabis Sativa and is similar to hemp oil or hemp seed oil. Industrial hemp variety differs from Cannabis Indica as it has more and stronger fiber, which is useful in making items such as papers, ropes, and even blankets. The THC amounts in the fiber are naturally low compared to the usual marijuana that is grown as a personal stimulant. Mostly, THC forms in the resin glands located on the buds and flowers of female marijuana plants. Since industrial hemp does not reach the budding stage, it lacks the marijuana “high” component. However, the Cannabidiol oil (cbd oil) content is high.

Hemp Extract Oil

Hemp extract Oil and Hemp Oil are extracted from different parts of the Cannabis Sativa. Hemp Extract Oil is manufactured from the whole cannabis plant unlike Hemp oil, which is extracted from the seeds.

Hemp Extract

Hemp Extract from Canada has natural flavanoids and terpenes among other vital phytonutrients derived from the hemp plant. Extracted with CO2, the process ensures that no trace of harmful solvents is available, thus yielding the purest hemp oil extract possible. Further, the clean oil extraction method produces high quality hemp oil while retaining a broad spectrum of phyto compounds and terpenes such as the cbd oil obtained from the industrial hemp plant.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil also comes from the marijuana plant, commonly know as Cannabis Indica, and is extracted from the leaves. Though not legal in most states, Cannabis Oil is widely used for recreational as well as medicinal functions, and its production is not regulated.