AgraFlora Organics Acquires Health Canada Hemp Production License

AgraFlora Organics Acquires Health Canada Hemp Production License

Health Canada has awarded AgraFlora a full-spectrum license to facilitate the cultivation, product formulation, and propagation. The hemp production license, issued under industrial cannabis regulations of the Industrial Hemp License (Cannabis Act), will give the firm many capabilities such as:

  • Producing organic hemp seed-oil commercially for distribution.
  • Processing and recapturing hemp stalks that are transformed into building materials and specialized fiber products.
  • Establishing a dyed-in-the-wool hemp propagation nursery inside the greenhouse infrastructure.
  • AgraFlora can now stream high-CBD hemp cultivars to its cannabinoid-infused beverages, organic cosmetics, therapeutic relief balms, sunscreens, shampoos, and downstream functional food asset portfolio.
  • Experimenting on high-CBD cultivars and sales and distribution of high-value seeds and strains for resale initiatives.

Following the Licensing

AgraFlora's commitment to the innovative product and development research has put their CBD/hemp-inspired brands at a premium level. The company has garnered immense reputation over the years. Following the Hemp Production License issuance to the firm, the company now has all it takes to spearhead and champion a reliable corporate response to the worldwide demand for CBD and hemp derived products.

The firm's 2.2M square foot greenhouse complex is among the most advanced and hugest cannabis cultivation ground in the world. After the initial research and development that is scheduled to take commence in July 2019, AgraFlora will fully optimize its radical industrial hemp operation in the Delta Greenhouse Complex. There will be ample feedstock inputs to propel the company and to improve its cash flow throughout each cannabis value chain link.

AgraFlora's Future

The end of 2019 will see the implementation of the second cannabis' legalization wave that involves beverages, tropical products, and edibles. The demand for CBD is, therefore, expected to rise rapidly. AgraFlora, in partnership with The Houwelings Group, is ready for the anticipated demand rise and are planning to research on a better CBD hemp cultivar that will improve the ROI per acre.

The company plans to cultivate hemp on the existing, unutilized greenhouse infrastructure. The cannabis propagation currently undergoing will not be affected; its production will remain the same. While the hemp propagation plans are underway, the company announces that its second issuance of 1.25M bonus shares has commenced.


Photo by Rob Sinclair on flickr (modification: renamed, cropped and resized)