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La Feuille Verte

Discover La Feuille Verte in Saint-Cyrille-De-Wendover, QC

La Feuille Verte was born in 2014, thanks to Manon Letarte, a qualified herbalist and cosmetologist who started making her own body care products. With a passion for nature’s benefits, she fell in love for what she still considers the best plant oil for skin: hemp oil.

Thirteen years later, La Feuille Verte truly takes off when it’s sold to a new team of young and passionate entrepreneurs, Dany Lefebvre and Marie-Ève Parenteau.

In the past, Dany has worked as a consultant and project manager for companies such as Pharmacan (now Cronos Group (ON)), Abcann (ON), In the Zone (CB) and Tweed (ON),licensed by Health Canada . He spent the last 20 years perfecting his business skills, network, knowledge and business strategies. In 2013, Marie-Ève and Dany take root in Saint-Lucien and start Vert Médical (Vert Cannabis).

In 2015, they obtain a licence from Health Canada to grow and transform hemp. With the support of a federal program, they make history by introducing pet food made with hemp.

In 2017, as owners of a high potential company, but hit by a liquidity crisis, they pull off a stroke of genius by selling to Canopy Growth, the largest medical marijuana company in the world. A few months later, with their vast experience and strong expertise, they acquire La Feuille Verte with the ambition to become the most importantplayer in Québec’s hemp industry.

They reunite a small experienced team of loyal and passionate people and establish partnerships with allies firmly rooted in their field. They also put a board of directors in place, partner with an experienced president/mentor and create a family holding to finance their project and dive head first in this new adventure, "Where man’s hand has never set foot!"