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Supplément nutritif pour animal - Hemp supplement

100% natural, with multiple health benefits for pets, dogs and cats alike. This supplement helps reduce shedding. In fact, noticeable improvements will be visible within as little as 14 days, with a shinier and revitalized coat. On top of it all, it if filled with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These elements regulate the metabolism and boost the immune system and vitality levels. A few pump strokes in your pet’s bowl are all it takes! (follow usage guidelines)

1,5-9 kg : 2 pump strokes
9-22 kg : 5 pump strokes
22-45 kg : 10 pump strokes

2-3 kg : 1 pump stroke
3-5 kg : 2 pump strokes
+ de 5 kg : 5 pump strokes

236 ml

Prices list

236 ml
2000 $